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Systems Integration

We specialise in the integration of these closely related fire safety products:

  1. One-way Emergency Voice Communication System / Public Address System
  2. Two-way Emergency Voice Communication (Fireman Intercom) System
  3. Fire Alarm System
  4. Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Our one-stop solution includes design, supply, install, testing, comissioning and maintenance of the above systems.

With decades of involvement in the fire safety industry, ensuring that systems supplied by us to our customers meets regulatory requirement is second nature to us.  We strive to provide timely advise on code compliance matter to our clients. This helps to reduce or save abortive works, reduce reworks,  project delays and cost to our clients.

Our in-depth knowledge in these three systems has enable us to help our clients to reduce cost through the following ways:
a. reducing the quantity of field equipment , zoning, material, etc, whenever allowed by code
b. maximise utilisation of equipment capablities resulting in lower equipment count
c. recommending alternative equipment that reduces overall cost or saves on long term maintenance 
d. reduce duplication of equipment with integrated system design

Fire Alarm System
Two-way Emergency Voice Comm.
One-way Emergency Voice Communication / Public Address System
Clean Agent Fire Suppression System