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Can I use a One-way Emergency Voice Communication System to provide back ground music?

Yes, the One-way Emergency Voice Communication System can be use to provide background music (BGM). However, certain factors need to be taken into consideration.

Sound quality
Equipment manufactured for use as a Emergency Voice Communication System are suitable for use as a paging system as the frequency response for both usage (200 to 4000 Hz) are similar. But if it is used to provide background music, such system would not be able to provide the higher frequency response required. Systems used for providing background music requires at least a frequency response of 200 to 15,000Hz to achieve an acceptable sound quality.

Each zone in a One-way Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) System usually covers a an entire floor. The zoning for a background music (BGM) system are usually smaller to allow selective broadcast. Occupants in certain areas such as meeting rooms, conference hall and offices may be disturbed by the background music.

Speaker Output Volume
Sound level for a One-way Emergency Voice Communication System are required to meet a minimum of 10dBA above ambient noise level. Systems that use the EVC system for background music will need  zone volume controllers to prevent loud, overwhelming and disruptive music broadcasts. The volume controllers be provided with overriding facility to allow emergency annoucements to be made at the designed level.

Speaker Spacing
The One-way Emergency Voice Communication System's main objective is to achieve a 10dBA sound level above ambient noise throughout the protected area. It is acceptable to load a speaker with higher power (as long as the sound output does not exceed 105dBA) to produce higher sound output to cover a wider area. This would reduce the quantity of speakers in the building.

The negative impact arises when the system is used as a public address or in the worst case as background music system. The sound output would too loud for comfort. Even with volume controllers, the sound distribution throughout the building would be very uneven as speakers are widely spaced.