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What we can offer 
We provide integrated system design advise for these three closely related fire safety systems to M & E Consultants and Design & Build / Engineering Contractors :

  1. One-way Emergency Voice Communication System / Public Address System
  2. Two-way Emergency Voice Communication (Fireman Intercom) System
  3. Fire Alarm System

We achieve code compliant cost and time savings by:
a. reducing the quantity of equipment, zoning, material, etc, whenever allowed by code
b. optimise utilisation of equipment rating & capablities to lower equipment count and reduce wastage 
c. recommending alternative equipment that reduces overall cost or save on long term maintenance 
d. reduce duplication of equipment with integrated system design

Integrated System Design 
We are able to provide the above benefits by adopting an integrated system design approach which consider the following in our design:

1. Code requirements e.g.
     - Is the loudspeaker zoning in accordance with SS 546 (formerly SS CP25) requirements? 
     - Will the loudspeaker layout achieve the required sound output level? 

2. Project needs e.g.
    - Is the One-way Emergency Voice Communication System required for paging or background music broadcast?
    - Will amplifier capacity, zone selector be sufficient for future expansion needs? 

3. Equipment advise and recommendation e.g.
     - Is tamper resistant speaker required for certain areas?
     - If the system is used for routine paging, will sound output be too loud to annoy occupants?

4. Reduce equipment duplication e.g.
     - Is the event recorder already provided in the Two-Way Emergency Voice Communication System?
     - Can speakers in staircase be reduced?

5. Interfacing requirements e.g.
    - Interlocking / timing mechanism to interface with fire alarm system during automatic announcements
    - Interlocking / timing mechanism to interface with fire alarm system for manual annoucements
    - Interface to start the automatic recording of audio from both one-way and two-way voice communication 

With decades of involvement in the fire safety industry, where code compliance is a major consideration, providing integrated code compliant solution is of utmost importance.