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One way emergency voice communication / PA system Rack

We design, supply and install Bosch one-way emergency voice communication systems complying to SS 546 (formerly CP25). 

We carry the following range of EN 54 certified equipment from Bosch:
- Bosch Plena range for small to medium sized systems
- Bosch Paviro for medium sized systems
- Bosch Praesideo for large network system complying to EN

We provide Vanguard's Message Selector Panel, Digital Emergency Voice Recorder and supervised Power Supply Unit to meet SS546 requirement

Our systems are customised to integrate with the building's fire alarm, two-way emergency voice communication (aka fireman intercom) system and recording system.

From the moment the fire alarm system is activated, the system operates automatically to start the recording system, initiate the delay timer to meet fire code requirement before silencing the alarm bells and broadcast the recorded voice message throughout the building without human intervention.