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Conventional Fire Alarm System Addressable Fire Alarm System
We supply and install Vanguard V5 Conventional Fire Alarm System and Vanguard Advance Fire Extinguishing Control Panels.

Fire Alarm Panels

Both panels have been certified by PSB Corporation to conform to the latest Singapore Standard CP10 requirements. The panels are manufactured by our parent company "Vanguard Fire Systems Pte Ltd" - a leading Singapore-based fire alarm panel manufacturer.

Our conventional fire alarm panels are provided with the following optional features:

a. Alarm Verification Feature (AVF): The Alarm Verification Feature has proven to be very effective against false alarms caused by transient phenomena such as smoking, welding etc. The feature conforms to the SS CP 10.
It works by suppressing the initial alarm signal from the detectors. After a preset time delay, the panel checks the detector for alarm condition again. If alarm condition is still present, the panel will raise the general alarm condition immediately.

However, if the alarm condition is no longer present, the panel will reset the system and increment the AVF counter. This provides an indication of the number of false alarm that the system has sucessfully intervened.

b. LCD Display Unit: A LCD Display Unit can be incorporated into our V5 conventional fire alarm panel. The unit provides a record of the alarm and fire events initiated in the system with date and time stamp. This feature is useful for post event analysis. The events can be download to a PC.

c. Networking: TheVanguard  V5 Main and Sub-Alarm Panels can be networked together. All the fire and alarm events can be viewed from the Main Alarm Panel. This reduces the response time in the event of a alarm or fire condition as the zone of the event can be determined from the Main Alarm Panel. User no longer need to rush to the affected Sub-Alarm Panel to determine the alarm zone.

d. Operator PC Station: The Vanguard V5 conventional panel can be further enhanced by adding the GuardView software. The Guardview program is Windows based and runs on any XP or Vista computer or notebook. When an alarm or fire signal is received, the Guardview program will log the event and provides the user with the option to view the zone map of the source of the alarm. This helps the user to respond faster in an emergency.

e. Printer: The LCD Display Unit can be connected to a printer to print out all fire and alarm events automatically. This provides a hard copy record of the events.

The Bosch FPA-5000 Addressable Fire Alarm System has certified by PSB Corporation to conform to the latest Singapore Standard CP 10.


The FPA-5000 addressable fire alarm system offers:

a. 5.7" Touch Screen User Interface: The touch screen feature is very user friendly and allows faster access as it reduces the number of keystrokes.

b. Modular Design: The panel is based on a functional module design. User only buys those functions that are required for their needs.

c. Hot Swap Modules: The modules are design to be hot swappable. Any faulty module can be replaced without powering down the system. This reduces downtime.

d. Dual Automatic (soft) Addressing and Manual (hard) Addressing Modes: The system provides both types of addressing mode to suit user preference.

e. Ordinary Cables: The system has very flexible cabling requirement. It can use non-shielded and non-twisted cables which are easier to install, saves cost and lesser maintenance problems.

f. Built-in Short Circuit Isolators: The system can function fully without impairement during a single short circuit. this makes the system more reliable.

g.  Easy Expansion: The system can be easily expanded by adding modules.

h. Peer to Peer Networking:  All panels in the system can be network to form a peer to peer system

i. Operator PC Station: Provides user with a location maps and control using familaiar PC type graphical interface.